Pens … friends!


Teddy was sketched on a Hahnemühle watercolour card at my parents’ house on Saturday night, and posted to myself. Not having tried these postcards before, I found I enjoyed the canvas-like texture of its surface. I’m thinking my most lightweight sketching kit could include a couple of these cards, in place of my sketchbook: I could then mail my sketches home and paste them in later.

My card arrived yesterday, not unscathed, having undergone not only bending at the corner but also the cruel branding of Teddy’s right paws. This was all part of the experiment: if I were posting a handpainted card to someone else, I would now be certain to slip it into an envelope first, but in this case, I rather like the visible record of its journey. I haven’t asked Teddy what his feelings are.

It seems this is a week for playing with new materials. This lunchtime sketch was done in Stabilo Point 88, with a touch of white gel pen. I’d never built up a drawing in coloured pens before. It’s quite hard work!

In the classic words of Pauline the restart officer in The League of Gentlemen, “Pens … friends!” I’m not sure these Stabilos are my friends just yet, but this sketch has at least left us better acquainted.

Blue seahorse … for Anita


Inspired a couple of Thursdays ago by Anita Davies’s Postcard Penpals project – and remembering that I owed her a second card from our exchanges last year – I dug out my coloured pencils and tubes of gouache, and this little fella was born.
Gouache & coloured pencil on 4×6″ watercolour postcard

Lilies on blue


My lilies are still keeping me pretty company after a week perched on the CD tower in my living room. I drew this from them yesterday on a watercolour postcard, and it’s already on its way to an artist friend, though she doesn’t know it yet.

Profipen, white gel pen & blue watercolour on Khadi handmade cotton rag paper on a watercolour postcard.