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Around My World in 80 Days


… or thereabouts.

My sincere attempt at Project 365 (to take a photograph every day for a year, which I began randomly on 11 August) crashed and burned after 84 days. It wasn’t the only creative casualty of this hideous past couple of months: my second-ever sock-knitting project has been frogged, while sketching and painting have been set aside until … well, simply until. I’ve chosen these 25 favourite images for a Flickr mosaic celebrating what I did manage to achieve over almost a quarter of a year’s worth of daily photos …

… and having taken my digital camera with me on an excursion to the train station/supermarket/children’s playground yesterday, I now appear to be tempting myself with the idea of a more achievable weekly photo for 2009. Out of a handful of lovely pictures that emerged from yesterday’s walk, this one best sums up for me the season I’m going through, as certain projects are frozen: frost outlining the green and purple leaves that carpet the flower beds of Ely’s Jubilee Gardens.

My soundtrack to the advent of the chilly winter months has been Bon Iver’s shockingly evocative album For Emma, Forever Ago, and this photo reminds me of listening to that music. Just beautiful.

I’ve been and gone and …

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… got seduced

by flickrTM

You’ll find me there at roseanglaise

I really needed …


… yet another self-imposed creative challenge.

Yarnstorm, the blog of photographer, crafter and author of “The Gentle Art of Domesticity” Jane Brocket, has inspired me to pack my digital camera into the already way-too-tiny-to-be-crammed-with-so-many-art-and-craft materials shoulderbag that I tend to lug about with me, and attempt to take a photo every day for the next year, starting (quite arbitrarily, since that’s when the mood took me) on 11th August.

It’s not that Ms Brocket has ever (to my knowledge) advocated – even alluded to – such a discipline, but the photos on her site have convinced me I need to be making more colourful use of my camera, and since I have lapped up the offerings posted to the blogs of those who have taken part in challenges to photograph more frequently over the past couple of years, my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7 is now a daily companion in the service of Project 365. The subject will be anything that strikes me, and the fact that the medium is digital photography suggests the task should take little more than the blink of an eye to accomplish each day, not so much taking away from my art time as providing additional inspiration and reference material. Ha. That’s the theory!

I almost certainly won’t be uploading to my Flickr photostream daily – more like once or twice a week – but I hope to capture a joyous little something on every one of these 365 days. If I fall short of my aim, I will still end up with a vast album of images reminding me of the beauty of my everyday life. And that surely can’t be a bad thing.

Photo taken 12 August 2008