I haven’t fitted in much sketching since my last post. These two modest offerings were done in my small hand*book journal.

EDM Challenge #104: Draw salt and pepper shakers

Easter weekend. As we enjoyed tea and cake on the patio of our favourite local tea room, these yin/yang shakers caught my eye. Profipen & watercolour pencil.

The weekend just past was spent at my parents’ house in Kent – “The Garden of England”. I snatched a few brief minutes with my sketchbook in their garden, where the magnolia was still in flower – just! The petals were dropping as I sketched. Profipen & watercolour.

Unpacking my bag on our return, I realised I’d mislaid my watercolours at some point during our trip. It’s going to cost me a depressing amount to replace those 12 half-pan Winsor & Newton Artist’s colours and the bijou box I kept them in. I was cheered, though, to see my painting “Against a Dark Background” (15×9.5″, 2005 – see below) featured in The Oil Spiel, the online newsletter of the Oil Pastel Society. I think life may be trying to tell me I’ve been neglecting my oil pastels lately …