Journal 23.01.09


On occasion, the written portion of something I’ve just journalled strikes me as so banal that I feel silly sharing it – even with my fellow sketchers in the “Everyday Matters” group! In the notes around this sketch of vine tomatoes, I blather about tv and the supermarket.

Pen & watercolour with gouache highlights in Canson watercolour book

One day, however, when the 23rd of January is a sufficient number of yesterdays ago, as I re-read this entry I will judge myself less harshly, possibly even smiling at the random details of a day I might have let slip away forgotten, but did not.

That’s the idea, in any case.

A Life Less Complicated


When my beloved “Art Thursdays” went down the proverbial due to freelance work commitments, I was already facing the frustration of being unable to access our scanner (digital pics just don’t seem to cut it, especially when it comes to works in oil pastel). So, without quality art time (could never do it in daylight or when I wasn’t simply wanting to crash out with a glass of rosé) and without the means to share that art with anyone anyway, I largely abandoned my sketching. Attachment to a creative community seems to make a huge difference to me.

I have done more than languish drunkenly on a sofa, however, these past five weeks, my creativity having been channelled into knitting and crochet. My interest in yarncrafts is just a couple of years old, but already it has brought me many things. The companionship of a KTog group, with whom I knit, crochet and chat at the local pub, and accompany on expeditions around Cambridgeshire. Fulfilment not only of my love of colour, but of my seemingly constant need to be learning to use new techniques and new materials. A creative outlet I can explore from the comfort of my sofa when I’m tired, when the daylight hours are gone, when I’m semi-watching some inane tv show or listening to a podcast. Participation in the wonderful online world of Ravelry, where patterns are discussed, projects are shown and passions are shared. Interestingly, the domestic fibre arts do not induce in me the guilt about a perceived mother/artist conflict that being a painter does. And yet … for someone who has always loved to draw, there remains the guilt about not painting; not sketching. Creating something lovely out of yarn, my obsessive brain tells me, is so often a cop-out from painting, because it is easier: by which I do not mean technically less challenging, but more flexible, more forgiving, more companionable.

Thanks to Amy’s Creative Mom Podcast, I have finally grasped the realisation that I no longer need to compartmentalize these aspects of my life. Motherhood and creativity, art and craft … these things can overlap in magical ways. And creativity is creativity, whatever form it takes.

Today I decided to merge my knitting/crochet blog with this sketchblog: and in a small but significant way, life is suddenly, somehow less complicated.

I will update my sidebar links – eventually! You can view, bookmark and link to the art content only at Meanwhile, the direct link to all yarn-related posts is, and of course, you can see all the posts together at the blog’s main URL,