On Saturday I headed down to London for the first ever UK Stitch ‘n Bitch Day, starring Debbie Stoller and organised by I Knit London.

It was also my first knit & crochet show, and I spent a little while feeling out of my depth among the more experienced yarn-fondlers cramming the main hall; but the atmosphere was enthusiastic and welcoming, and extremely conducive to knitting.

When one has all day to relax and browse what’s on offer, there is no real excuse for impulse purchases, and I was restrained enough not to come home with the pink ivory hook, crochet wrap, blue-green silk yarn, book on freeform crochet/knitting and various sock patterns I’d been eyeing. I opted instead for a set of 2.75mm rosewood SoxStix from Purlescence, which I put to work straight away, casting on for a pair of trainer socks, using the leftover Meilenweit Cotton Spirit I’d packed for the occasion. I was surprised to find that these needles aren’t at all slippery, but I’ve quickly come to love the feel of them, as my stitches no longer go sailing off the ends – and their short length makes a sock project ultra-portable.

Lunch and a G&T later, I bumped into a fellow member of the KnitCambridge group, who I haven’t seen for months. It was delightful to catch up with her, compare notes on the progress of our young daughters, and receive her invaluable help with my nascent sock disasters. Here’s Chika, also in sock-knitting mode …

Here’s my sock, not much progressed …

… and here am I.

My other purchase was, unsurprisingly, Debbie Stoller’s Son of Stitch ‘n Bitch. Debbie sat down – at OUR table, hurrah! – to sign copies of her book for a queue of knitters, so Chika and I got ours signed and then took part in the SnB group photo (see Flickr) before catching the train home together – still knitting.