Candi Jensen’s Sweetpea Cardigan from the Spring ’06 issue of Interweave Crochet waited patiently in my mental project queue for two years before I crocheted this daisified version for little M.

The yarn is Nashua Handknits June in the colourway “Willow”. I embroidered fewer flowers than the pattern suggests, using DMC thread for the stems and centres, and white Sublime cashmere merino (rather than ribbon, which I tried and found ugh) for the petals. I omitted the decorative edging at the sleeves.

I didn’t realise ’til I returned from an outing to Cambridge clutching a set of 3 daisy buttons that this would be the modified theme of my cardi, but given that as far as M is concerned, all flowers answer to the name of “Daisy”, now it seems the obvious choice.