Chop chop

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Sniffing around for a sketch subject last night, I remembered this oil pastel sketch from last summer …

… and decided to take 50 minutes to record its contents. This little box, purchased in Hong Kong, holds my personalized soapstone chop & red Chinese ink. The sketch is in oil pastel on Daler Murano paper.

Note to self: Insert witty title later

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I’m channelling the delightful Michael Nobbs ( this week.

Tuning in to Michael’s micro-podcasts about creative inspiration with a cup of tea in hand is becoming a brief but welcome daily ritual for me, and, inspired by the immediacy and unfussiness of Michael’s line drawings of everyday stuff, I’m rediscovering my sketching mojo. Turns out it was hiding in the pages of my Canson book; like one of those magic wax-resist paintings, I just had to lay a few brushstrokes down to coax it out. The moral of this story is that in order to produce something resembling art, you have to actually make the effort to put a few marks on paper. Who knew?

This is my previous journal entry, unblogged ’til now. And yes, I’ve still got that damn song bouncing around in my head.

(Sugar) Magnolia

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The translucent pink of this magnolia against the gorgeous mid-afternoon blue prompted me to buy some new batteries, reload my Lumix and head out to grab a few snaps before the fading of the sun. I needn’t have hurried: five hours later, that fading has only just begun.

Worryingly, for all of those five hours, Sugar Magnolia by the Grateful Dead has been playing on a continuous loop inside my head. It’s a nice enough track, but I really hope it, too, decides to fade soon.

It’s not finished …


… I, however, am. While test-driving my Schminckes has been fun (well, some of the time), after a month of aimlessly dabbing at this one, I’ve decided I have bothered it enough. Time to move on to something new.