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Knit something green!” is the exhortation today on Yarn Harlot’s page-a-day calendar, which sits on my bedside table. Well – I already am. Mona Schmidt’s “Embossed Leaves” is only my second pair of knitted socks, and the learning curve for this inexperienced (green!) knitter is a steep one, but from the struggle I’m learning so much about how they are constructed, and how to interpret a pattern; stuff that will very quickly come to seem obvious. That’s how it works.

17th March is, of course, a day when millions of people go around exaggerating their claims to Irish descent as an excuse to drink Guinness – as though any excuse were needed. Happy St Patrick’s Day.

Pox, sox & daffodils


This photo’s already been posted to Sitting on the Fens, the blog I share with a friend, but I like it for the glimmer of hope it seems to offer.

The past 10 days have been dominated by Melody’s chickenpox, and by my attempted knitting of lace-pattern socks … Hoping we’ll emerge from both these trials before long!!