“Adopt the pace of nature:
Her secret is patience.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pen & gouache in Canson watercolour book

A sheet torn from my page-a-day calendar inspired me this week to reflect on the necessity of patience in almost every aspect of my life.

Patience when I want to put pen to page, but have a 13-hour day to fill before I can pick up my sketchbook. Patience when my freelance work seems tedious and endless, and my eyes are weary of Excel spreadsheets. Patience when getting to grips with a new palette of colours in a somewhat-unfamiliar painting medium. Patience when it’s creeping towards 9pm and my daughter is still crying and won’t settle to sleep. Patience when my knitting (picture not included … not this time) goes lumpy and bumpy, and my attempts to seam it look like hell. Patience about diet, exercise and getting into shape. Patience when I realise that the second of a pair of fairly involved fair-isle socks will not miraculously crochet itself.

Crocheted “Troubador Sock” #1

10″ x 7″ Oil pastel on Murano paper

Nature does patience effortlessly. I’m still learning.