I’ve been doing some “mindful messing” with my oil pastels: making linear marks and then obliterating them in places; scrubbing with the side of the stick and blending areas with a tissue, leaving other patches looking more textural; combining and juxtaposing colours in a fun, intuitive way. I needed to cast off a few expectations about where I allow my inspiration to come from when I’m using certain media … how my initial idea might be allowed to go for a walk in its own direction, rather than taking the path I think a piece of “real art” would go … and how making that picture might actually be made to feel like an enjoyable process, rather than a chore – something that’s kept my poor oil pastels shut away in their tin for so much of the time, when all they really wanted was to come out and play.
12×9″ Oil pastel on Daler Murano paper. I like it so much more on the paper than on the screen.