Lily lily


My mother-in-law, who’s been staying with us this week, is a bad influence on me – but in a good way. And I think, and hope, I am a similar influence on her.

This afternoon, when my work was done (or mostly!), and I had somehow been persuaded while shopping for new prescription glasses for her to order a pair for myself (with pink frames … which sound so totally un-me but which I fell in love with and am very excited about) we arranged on the kitchen table the flowers we had purchased in Ely Market, filled every inch of the remaining space with our Inktense pencils and watercolours, and set about a couple of hours’ sketching. My lilies look cleaner on the page than on the screen. I’m not sharing the rushed sunflower sketch that followed, because my concentration was shot by that point. Maybe tomorrow I’ll re-attempt it. Who knows.

Something from the weekend


It was a weekend of unpredictable skies, toddlers’ birthday parties, fun summer purchases and not-so-fun goodbyes. This is how I’ll remember it, from the two pages I filled in my Canson watercolour journal.

EDM #155: Draw something with steps

I’ve been meaning to attempt a drawing our child-unfriendly, lumpy, bumpy, twisty staircase for ages – both to challenge my aversion to straight lines and to play with a triad of burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and cadmium yellow deep. It proved a tricky subject.

Pen & watercolour in Canson journal