I finally got round to starting a tension square (“gauge swatch”, if you’re American) for the crocheted cardi I’ve intended to make for little M since I ordered the yarn from the States. It’s only taken me two years. I did this sketch while listening to Part 1 of Danny Gregory’s podcast interview with artist Roz Stendahl (Part 2 is here).

Last night, a lemon on the kitchen table caught my eye: it was yellow on one side, but green on the other, as though willing itself to turn into a lime. I decided to pose it next to the washing-up liquid (“dishwashing liquid” or “dish soap” for the Americans! Not that I expect anyone to be confused. I’m just fascinated by the little differences in the language we use for everyday things). I am back to a classic citrus-scented washing-up liquid after an ill-advised foray into the realm of “cucumber & basil”. Whatever was I thinking?

Pen & watercolour in Canson w/c sketchbook.