Much knitting and crocheting has been going on in the drinking establishments of Ely and London recently, and I am proud to count myself among those responsible for the knitting (a little of it, in my case), crocheting (a fair bit) and drinking (rather a lot).

Thursday 28 Feb saw the inaugural meeting of the Ely KTog at the Lamb Hotel: the headcount was nine (if one includes the small and very cute head of one knitter’s month-old baby) and the evening was such a fabulous success that it will now be held fortnightly. We all felt very much at home in our cosy little corner of the bar. This is the less unsuccessful of the two photos I took …

I’d been casting on the same sock repeatedly for several days, however, and never advancing beyond row 2, so when the time came to head down to London on Saturday, I put it to one side and grabbed something less taxing. I’m taking a second stab at Interweave Crochet’s Boteh Scarf … this time in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the “Desert Flower” colourway, and using a 3mm hook rather than the recommended 4mm in the hopes of avoiding the limp seaweed effect that afflicted my first attempt.

The first triangle was crocheted on the train journey from Ely to Kings Cross; the second while glugging wine at The Enterprise, a pub in Chalk Farm, after a lunchtime browse round Camden’s markets; and the third over coffee at the Roundhouse Café with Claire, whose cabling skills and headless body you can see here. Claire and I did a lot of laughing about knickers, as I recall. We are nothing if not intellectuals.

One of the staff enquired and enthused about what we were doing, which made a truly refreshing change from the usual sniggering and/or bewilderment. And Claire gifted me this fragrant cedar heart to keep the moths away from me yarn.

Jane Birkin’s one-off concert in aid of the charity Anno’s Africa was the reason I’d chosen the Roundhouse as our meeting place. The show rounded off a superb day and was totally worth missing my last direct train for … I got home around 1.15am, still buzzing.