I had to modify CrochetMe’s Basic Fingerless Mittens slightly to allow for the fact that my hands are titchier than the average woman’s: just 2 fewer stitches in my foundation row and a another decrease of 2 towards the wrist have made a vast difference to the fit. The yarn is Cashmere Merino Silk Aran, and though it’s not visible in the photo, I added a picot edging at the wrist.

Despite the simplicity of the pattern, the softness of the yarn and the stretchy fit makes these the most comfortable, the most practical, the warmest fingerless mittens I’ve ever worn. On a cold day (and we’re having plenty of those, despite the blue that’s been creeping back into the skies this week) I can happily knit, sketch, dig in my purse for change or pull out baby wipes while wearing these. That’s what’s known as a result.