Inspired by Prudence Mapstone‘s website, I ordered her book Freeform: Serendipitous Design Techniques for Knitting & Crochet, and have begun a new project for which I have no pattern and no real clue as to how I intend to proceed. But hey, it’s all good!

I do know that purple will be the dominant colour, with blue, green and yellow featuring too. To this end, my very mixed bag of yarn is stuffed with quality leftovers from previous projects, unidentified yarns jackdawed from my mother’s stash, and various £1 balls of novelty silliness.

I am also pretty certain that my interest lies in using freeform to make art pieces such as wall hangings, rather than clothing of any kind. Though many of the freeform garments I’ve seen by Mapstone and others are impressive, they’re really not my thing.

The sea creature or blob of mould above the title of the book is my embryonic freeform crochet piece …