To be more precise, #3 is the bag.

EDM Challenge #3 is Purses, wallets or bags. I bought this drawstring shoulder bag in Cambridge recently. It’s large enough to hold my sketchbook, pencil case, watercolours, reading book, mobile phone, mp4 player, money, keys, tissues and a knitting project – though it’s a hell of a jumble in there. I only had an hour for the sketch, so you will have to imagine that the real-life bag is orange, yellow and purple striped. I boobed on the composition, having chosen to use my larger pastel pad so that the subject would not be cramped, but ending up right at the edge anyway. You live, you sketch, you learn.

The Pastel Forum over at WetCanvas is holding a 100 Sketches Challenge, and I’ve decided I’m in. Only sketches done in soft/oil/wax pastel will count towards the total, so this is Sketch #6 for me.

Caran d’Ache oil pastels in 12×9″ Daler Ingres pastel pad.