Inspired by the grids I’ve seen on other sketchblogs, I decided yesterday to do one of my own. Zooming in on the smallest, quirkiest features of my house, I was able to do each of these tiny sketches in 5-10 mins, and have the satisfaction of filling a page of my 3.5 x 5.5″ hand*book journal by the end of the afternoon.

The images are: a lightbulb over the stairs that we’ve never got round to buying a shade for; our bedroom doorlatch; a “lucky” horseshoe above a doorway (it’s resting on top of the doorframe, so I suppose it’s lucky it hasn’t fallen on anyone’s head); the view through the stained glass panels of our front door; the living room doorknob; and the acorn-shaped cord pulls in our bathroom.

Pen & black watercolour pencil.